Why I continue my study in University level

before introduce my self. i wanna to say sorry to miss dini, cause i make this blog so late 😫 i'm so sorry miss 😢

Hi readers, Hi friends!
my name is Tris Hardianti, i'm 22y.o this years. and now i'm collage in Engineering Faculty at Tanjungpura University since 2013.
so this time, i wanna to tell you 'why i continue my study in University level'
since senior high school i want to continue my study in university level, but honestly for the first time i'm feel trapped in this Civil Engineering. but, now i enjoyed this collage. Maybe sometimes i have a hardtime, because so many deadlines. I must to finished this collage until graduations day!!
Manny people say if you continue your study in Engineering faculty you can easy to get job in your future, cause alumnus from Engineering faculty have more skill. So, i hope and praying when i'm graduate i can easy to get the job.

for the readers i'm sorry for my pronunciation, because i'm so bad in English language.


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