Second Task

🔵Pre-reading Question
1.    In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they make our lives worse?
·         They can help us do the kind of activity that we can’t or don’t have time to do. They can help us clean the house, do the grocery, mown the lawn, that’s the kind of activity that people now don’t have time to do, because we’re so busy that we rule out those things. Other things that they can do is accompany us anywhere. For example, going for a walk in the park, or they can help us walk our pet because we don’t have time to walk them. Robots sure will come in handy. Beside the things above, robots can also make our live worse. One of the reason why they can make our life worse is because of them we’re gonna get lazier day by day. We human, want things to get done without putting to much effort or maybe without doing anything. That’s why we invent them, robots. They are smart, we programmed them to be able to do everything we want. That’s where it gets worse. If the robot that we made can do everything then what will we become? There’s nothing left for us to do. They can do any chores, we just have to tell them to do it, then we just lay down doing nothing. We’re getting lazy because we have robots that can do everything we tell them. Those kind of things can also impact our health, because we wouldn’t want to do anything,we would just order them to bring us what we want, do out jobs, even cook for us. That’s exactly where the trouble starts, when we don’t want to do anything because we think we have those robots.

2.    What kind of robots would you like to see?
·         We would like to see robot cars. Those type of cars that can drive us anywhere, the one that don’t need anyone behind the wheel. With just one simple tap and navigation they can drive us anywhere.

The highlight of the interesting idea from each paragraph.
Paragraph 1
·         Line 7 – 9 “Gates suggest that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.”
Paragraph 2
·         Line 12 – 14 “There are several reasons why the age of home robots is now possible. First, robots need a brain – a computer. Computing power is now cheap and powerful enough to serve as this brain.”
Paragraph 3
·         Line 32 – 33 “But without doubt, they will free us from useless household duties and prevent us from being lonely.”

🔵Identifying tipic and main idea
1.    Which of the following best desribes the topic of the text?
A.   Computers and robots
2.    Which of the following best describes the main idea of the text?
A.   Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

🔵Identifying opinions
1.    Which one of the following three opinions would the author probably disagree with?
A.   All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.
Look at the list of jobs below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future? Why or why not.
·         From the option, we would be happy for robots to be our taxi driver. Like we mention before, we would like to have a robot cars, but it’s also nice to have a robot to be our taxi driver for a starter. Everything comes from something right? Starting as a taxi driver then eventually become the car itself.
As for the other option, we kind of disaggre. Airline pilot, the reason why we disaggre is because become an airline pilot is not an easy job. We actually need a human to do this kind of job, because we’re talking about flying from one place to another place. It’s flying, not driving on land. We do actually need someone who actually can think and not programmed to fly the plane. Cook is also a task for human. We cook what we want to eat, we made it ourselves. Human actually have a tongue to taste the food, what will robots do? Guess the taste without actually tasting it? Doctor is also a non robots job. When you’re sick who do you expect to see? An actual doctor or some robot which is not human. They don’t understand pain and sickness, how do you expect them to heal you? Another guess game?
A robot as a police officer? Sound tempting, but no. A police officer is a law enforcer. Even with human police officer there are still some misunderstanding between the officer and their suspect. What do you expect with robot officer. They won’t have mercy, if their program say you’re wrong when actually there is a misunderstanding then nothing we can do about it, sorry you’re arrested and you can explain the rest at the office.A
Singer? Can robot even sing? This is actually not a problem, but it’s kind of disturbing to have a robot as a singer right? When you hear someone sing of course you want it to sound beautiful and lovely, and not some plain, robotic-tone kind of sound. Robot can never have the same sound as us human, so no.
Store clerk is also a no. When we go shopping it’s nice to have a little chit chat with the clerk about what we want to buy, maybe even ask for their opinion on few things. With robot? You can only come in, get what you want, pay and get out. With store clerk robot you’re missing the fun in shopping, going shopping is refreshing, and with robot as the store clerk then it will only feel straight out flat. What’s the point of going shopping without a little chit chat here and there?
Having a robot as our teacher? We human who made the robot be taught by the robot itself? You made the robot, then you make them become your child’s teacher. Is this even make sense? There’s no such thing as human being taught by a robot. We made them, if you want your next generation to be smarter than the robot you created teach them yourselves and make sure they are also smarter than you, because things evolve and they need to be smarter, what you saw and do today wouldn’t be the same as it is twenty years from now.


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