4th Task

1. Speech is a spoken expression of ideas or opinions, that is made by someone who is speaking in front of public or a groupof people.

2. The aspects in speech are:

  • Message
  • Speaker
  • Audience
  • Channel
  • Feedback
  • Noise
  • Setting
     Before delivering the speech , we must choose the topic and know what problem happen. Arrage the points of the problem taht will be discuss, find the problem solving , learned the materials and practice it. And then preare your self

3. Topic of speech :
     - Urai Farizi  : The importance of traffic lights againts motorists

     - Evi Tamala : Civil engineering is important in life

     - Yulianus Noxus : Enviromental awareness in the construction

     - John Siahaan : Culture

     - Tris Hardianti : The importance of the sidewalk

     - Gresima Resty Pantula : The importance of the trench in the development of the road

     - Novia Wikayanti : The importance of zebracross at the schools


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