Text speech about The Importance of The Sidewalk

Assalamualaikum wr wb 

The honorable Miss Dini and all audiences. Let’s thank to Allah, The Creator of the Whole World. And let’s say Sholawat to our prophet Muhammad SAW. In this occasion, I would like to give a speech about the importance of the sidewalk.

All audiences I love, Of course we are familiar with the name of the sidewalk is not it? Of course you have already walked on the sidewalk and zebra cross. Then what do you feel when walking on the sidewalk? Already feeling secure walking on the sidewalk? Comfortable or not?

Often we find sidewalks along the way. But less attention to safety and comfort of pedestrians. For example, there are pavements that are actually enough for 2-3 pedestrians, but sometimes there are blocked by large trees so pedestrians feel uncomfortable and have to get off on the sidewalk and choose to walk down the street. The behavior is certainly not safe for pedestrians themselves.

Not just the trees that are sometimes on the sidewalk, but the street vendors selling on the sidewalk. And also now many motorcycles that use the sidewalk so that the pavement function has changed a lot now.

This shows, the lack of government attention to pedestrian facilities. Because the government should pay more attention to pedestrian facilities, so pedestrians can feel safer.

Obviously, if many people walk, it will reduce air pollution, which will make our environment clean.

Last I hope in the future there is still the existence of sidewalks and is still often used by the community.

Well, may the contents of the speech that I convey can be useful for all spectators. I apologize if there are wrong words and phrases, because I am only human who never escaped the error.
Finally I say thank you.
Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb


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