My Future Busniees

If you were asked by someone, what business do you want to work on in the future? Then what is your answer?

If I was asked like that, I would answer the business that I want to persevere in the future there are 2 types,that is about food and fashion. It may sound like these two things are common in our environment, but honestly I'd love to have my own brand. Can have my own brand and known to others, I want to feel how its own brand in wear and recognize the crowds.

I have this thought because I also now undergo a small online shop, yaa maybe this business is not too salable and smooth  That's because I'm less persue to promotion my online shop because of this stacking lecture assignment :')

I started this new online shop business last year, originally I sell women's clothing , hijab and purse. and now i also sell cloth masks,the price also fits in the pockets of students.

Anyone want to know my online shop name? Hehe .. My online name is ToonStore, you can search on Instagram.

I hope i can continue this busniees  so i can achieve the dream of owning my own brand.

Well, that's my answer if you ask me what business I want to do in the future. Can you share to me what busniees you want to do in the future? Cause i want to know it :)

Okay, thank you for you who has taken the time to read my blog.
정말 감사합니다 ~~ jeongmal gamsahabnida ~~


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