Short interview with seller meatballs

Today I want to publish my interview with meatball seller.A few days ago the weather was rainy, so I think to choose the meatballs for my evening meal menu.

While waiting, idle whim I asked a vendor selling meatballs. The seller usually called "Pak De"

This is the result of my conversation : 

ME                :  Good evening Pak de, what about the merchandise?

PAK DE        :  Good evening to ndok, Thanks to God today the merchandise smoothly.

ME                :  How can you be inspired to trade meatballs?

PAK DE        :  In fact, my brother had already the selling meatballs. My first request was taught to make meatballs. As I can I thing to sell meatballs in here.

ME                : Began when Pak de trade the meatballs?

PAK DE        : I started selling meatballs since 2000

ME                : If I may know what ingredients to make meatballs?

PAK DE        : The materials is a lot, but the most important are the meat and flour. About the seasoning is eassy issue

ME                : Oh, I see. So do you have others help in selling meatballs?

PAK DE        :  In this case, I was assisted by my wife. She served as a chasier. I hired one employee and myself in charge of making metaballs

ME                : How much net profit, Pak de?

PAK DE        : In one day, a minimum net profit earned is more than three hunderd thousand rupiah

ME                : Wahh its not bad. Okay Pak de, Thank you for taking the time. Its really good conversations.

PAK DE        : Yes ndok, your welcome. Dont forget to come again~

So that’s the result of my conversation and the seller. As we see, we can get the information about ingredient about meatballs and how much net profit we can get in one day. So maybe one day you want to sell meatballs you can calculated the initial capital.


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