3rd Task

Today Miss Dini give we to watch the film about spelling. The tittle of the film is "Akellah and The Spelling Bee".

The question and the answer:
1. - Favorite character : My favorite character in this film is Dylan Anderson
    - Why his or her is your fav character? Because he's so handsome and smart but in this film his character is sometimes harsh and seemingly cutthroat. Its because of the pressure his father puts on him to win the competition.

2. - Favorite scene : When mothers akeelah give akeelah the strength and motivation to not give up because when she lost one coach she still has 5000 coach in she world. Example is one of which is her mother.
    -What was that scene taught you? So do not easily give up because there are still many people who love with us.

3. 10 word based of the film and the definition/ meaning :

  • correspond : suit, accord
  • doubt : hesitation
  • fanciful : fantastic, fantastical
  • prestidigitation : magic or conjuration
  • pulchritude : beauty, glamor
  • limn : draw, draw the picture
  • eminent : famous
  • grovel : descend
  • concierge : doorman, porter
  • alfresco : outdoor, outside


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