I Really Can't Imagine Life Without......


This time I want to share you my thought about something we can’t life without it.

So many thing in this world you can’t life without it right? Me too!
Example it electronic (smartphone,laptop, television, etc) , or maybe economy or maybe music.

But i think i can't imagine life without family, you know what? We can life without electronic, we can life without music but we can't life without family. Family is more important than anything in this world, without your family you cant do anything. Without family,you cant have life goals or you don’t have spirit to live, because you don’t have any motivation from them.
In my life family is important espesialy my parents. They do anything to make their children success in future life, they don’t show us if they tired because they work so hard to get a lot of money. When we was a child they always protect us from bad things in this world, so we can make a kind person in future life. They explained and teach us with patience one by one from we are baby until now.
With family we can see and fell happiness in this world althought we don’t rich. Because happiness don’t come from money but it come from people who always thank to god what they have in this world. If you don’t believe about my opionion you can see people in whole world , so many people in this world are so rich but a little bit from them are happy. But poor people in this world without a lot of money they have bright smile , but its comeback again to yourself if you always remember to give thank to god about your life it can make your life more meaningful.

I’m so sorry maybe my thought not relevan with a tittle butin my mind  I think I cant imagine life without it. Thank you so much to you all to read my blog again, xoxo <3


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