Skill ? or Hobby ?

Hi readers, I’m comeback this time for share what kind skill I have.

If you asked me what kind skill I have? I think i have skill in cooking. Why I say that? Because I like to cook. Well,because not everyone is good at cooking. Honestly, we can’t tell it as skill, maybe we can call it as hobby.

Do you want to know where i’m good at cooking? Of course it from my beloved mother. She teached me how to cook when i’m at Junior High School. I remembered what she say when she teach me how to cooking, she say “we as a woman must be good at cooking because if we get married with someone of course we must feed them. Because we can’t buying food everyday it must be so wasteful ”. Maybe you think we can buy food than we must cooking right? But if you cooking by yours self, in your heart can be so happy and proud. You must try it! it's work!! hahaha

Sometimes if I hungry and I don’t have a lot of money. I will buy the ingridients at grocery then I will cooking it by my self. It more saved money than buy food or junk food out there.
Sometimes if I have free time, I like to watching cooking show at television or youtube or Instagram. Its give me so more new recipe to try at home. And after that sometimes I try it, yeah maybe its not so similar but i’m so happy because i’ve been trying to cooking new recipe.

I hope I can enhance my skill at cooking, I will trying and trying again and can make new recipes so another people can try it at their home. Or maybe in future life if my skill at cooking so good I will make a restaurant or bakery or maybe catering, because now I had to be more fully explore whether I am good at cooking appetizer or make dessert.

Okay readers I think that’s all I can tell you what kind my skill I have. Thanks to you has been taking the time to read my blog. I hope this blog can be so usefull to everyone..


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